Transfer: Will I get in?

Credits transfer easily from community colleges or other universities, particularly those that participate in the Texas Common Course Numbering System. If you’re attending a Texas community college, UNT’s online Transfer Resources include four-year plans and other tools to help you stay on track and graduate on time. Students can review undergraduate transfer guides for their specific majors using the Registrar's Transfer Guides.

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How to apply: Learn more about the application process.

UNT Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

If you have more than 44 college credit hours:

  • Minimum college 2.0 GPA (4.0 system) and eligible to return to institution(s) attended

If you have 30-44 college credit hours:

  • Minimum college 2.25 GPA (4.0 system) and eligible to return to institution(s) attended

If you have FEWER than 30 college credit hours:

  • Minimum college GPA of a 2.5 and be eligible to return to the institutions attended

If you have FEWER than 15 college credit hours:

  • Minimum college GPA of a 2.5 and also provide a HS transcript and ACT/SAT scores


What If I Don’t Get In

Students that have less than 15 hours and are without an SAT or ACT score can still join the Mean Green Family. Simply apply via ApplyTexas or the Common App and we will holistically review your application based on your GPA, class rank and other academic criteria. Students will be notified on an individual basis if they have been moved to individual review status and can monitor progress on their MyUNT page.

If you need some help, we’re here for you

If you have been out of high school for five years or longer, have fewer than 30 college credit hours, have not taken the SAT or ACT or do not meet other entrance requirements, your application will be individually reviewed by an Admissions Counselor. They will work with you on options for possible admission. Applying via or, and we will holistically review your application based on your GPA and other academic criteria.

International students will have additional admission requirements

Eagle Bound Program Admission Partnerships: UNT maintains Admission Partnership agreements with several community colleges through the Eagle Bound Program. See if your community college participates in the Eagle Bound Program.

Individual Review of Application

Individual Review is a process whereby a UNT admissions officer reviews the application of any transfer student who does not meet minimum admission requirements. This review is an automatic process whenever the Office of Undergraduate Admissions determines that an applicant does not meet UNT’s minimum admission requirements.

Upon review of the application, an admissions officer will forward a letter to the student with their options for possible admission to UNT.

Factors that may help determine academic readiness under the individual review provision may include, but are not limited to, the following: high school attended; first-generation college attendance; employment experience; special abilities such as bilingual proficiency and meeting family responsibilities; individual achievements; leadership activities; public service; and extra-curricular activities.

For more information about admission to UNT, contact an Admissions Counselor at 800-868-8211, 940-565-2681 or

Additional Information for Non-Traditional Applicants

Transient (Visiting) or Summer Visiting Students

Undergraduate students from another college or university may attend UNT as transient (visiting) students for one long semester only (fall or spring), provided their intent is to return to their previous institution. A summer visiting student is an undergraduate student who enrolls at UNT for one or both summer terms with the intent to return to his or her home institution upon completion of summer classes.

Prior to the application priority date, transient or summer visiting students must submit an official application online; pay the application fee; and submit an official transcript from their most recent college or university attended; The transcripts must reflect a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA (4.0 system) and that the student is in good standing (eligible to return) and not on academic probation or suspension from their previous institutions.

Admissions Update: If you are having difficulty obtaining official transcripts, we can accept transcripts via email if they come from a Registrar’s Office from an official college email address.

If a transient or summer visiting student decides to continue at UNT, the transient or summer visiting status ends, and the student must meet all admission requirements for a new transfer student prior to their second semester of enrollment at UNT. Transient students wishing to continue must apply as a transfer student and submit transcripts from all schools previously attended. If a student initially applies as a regular transfer student and is denied admission, the student cannot change his/her application type to transient or summer visiting student.

Summer visiting students may return to UNT for subsequent summers by reapplying and submitting an updated transcripts.

Fresh Start for Transfer Students Last Enrolled 10 or More Years Ago

Students who have college credits that are at least 10 years old may seek admission to UNT without consideration of that academic work. Contact the UNT Office of Undergraduate Admissions before acceptance.