Freshman Admissions Counselors

Ryan Marlin

Senior Director of Admissions

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

College Major: Bachelor’s in Sport Management with Minor in Business, Master’s in Higher Educations Administration

Tiffany Lipscomb

Associate Director - Freshman Admissions, Counselor for High Caliber Students

Hometown: Jacksboro, TX

College Major: Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts with Teacher Certification, Master’s in Higher Education/Student Affairs

Phone: 940-369-8560

Fluent in Urdu

Anam Iqbal

Assistant Director - Freshman Admissions, San Antonio area representative

Hometown: Arlington, TX

College Major: Bachelor's in Political Science, Master's in Public Administration

Phone: 940-369-5165

Se habla Español

Ruben Sanchez

Assistant Director - Campus Events

Hometown: El Paso, TX

College Major: Bachelor’s in Linguistics, Master's of Interdisciplinary Studies

Phone: 940-369-5267

Jessica Batul

Hometown: Del Rio, TX

College Major: English

Phone: 940-565-4967

Michael Casias

Hometown: Lubbock, TX

College Major: Radio, Television & Film

Phone: 972-668-7320

Se habla Español

Wilbert (Wil) Cruz

Hometown: Pickton, TX

College Major: Double Major in Communication Studies and Spanish

Phone: 940-565-3920

Se habla Español

Melissa Martínez Domínguez

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

College Major: Media Arts and Integrative Studies

Phone: 940-369-7077

Winston Franscini

Hometown: Arlington, TX

College Major: History

Phone: 940-369-7664

Brandon Kitchin

Hometown: Arlington, TX

College Major: Journalism

Phone: 940-369-7110

Michael Klinck

Hometown: Denton, TX

College Major: Bachelor’s in Social Sciences

Phone: 940-369-7182

Jillian Miller

Hometown: Houston, TX

College Major: BBA in Management

Phone: 281-940-4948

Jason Peacock

Hometown: Dallas, TX

College Major: Social Sciences

Phone: 940-565-4918

Se habla Español

Gina Romero

El Paso area representative

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

College Major: Modern Languages – Spanish, Master's of Education

Phone: 940-369-8688